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Meet The Flocke: Going Knut For A Polar Bear

by | 9th, April 2008

knut-flocke.jpgMOVE aside Knut, the once cute and lovable polar bear now with jaws dripping with fresh kill, with nails that can rip a blackboard to shreds.

Make way for Flocke, that’s Snowflake to you English polar bear enthusiasts, Germany’s latest superstar polar bear cub

And look out Flocke – polar bears are cannibals and Knut is making slavering noises at the ingénue.

Not that you can years the licking of chops as 500 journalists and a Fiat of cameraman flocke (geddit, German bear fans?) to see the four-month-old bundle of white fur and teeth emerge gingerly into her cage at Nuremberg Zoo.

Says the Mail: “The little bear is the second cub to capture the imagination of the adoring public after Knut the polar bear put a tentative paw outside his enclosure several years ago.”

Knut was born on December 6 2006. It was not until March 23 2007 that Knut made his public debut. That is not “several years ago”, at least not in human terms. It is barely a year, or bearly (geddit?), since Knut bundled into all our lives.

But who cares for that loser?

Here come Flocke, who with her black hair, largish nose and anorak has looks that will appeal and repulse in equal measure. Oopps, silly us. That’s her keeper, Horst Maussner. Flocke’s the walking white mittens by his feet.
Flocke’s nibbling on the zookeeper’s shoe. Flocke’s swimming. Flocke’s playing with a melon.

Says Herr Maussner: “It’s clear that people like it cute, small, cuddly and white; button eyes, button nose.”

It’s like looking at Shirley Temple in a snood.

Says Juergen Ortmueller, of the Whale, Bear and Dolphin Protection Forum: “Knut is a psychopath and there is every danger that Flocke will be one too.”

Aah. Aaaaaaahhhh!!! (Geddit?)

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