Anorak | Like Father Like Daughter: Mel Smith Does A Kerry Katona

Like Father Like Daughter: Mel Smith Does A Kerry Katona

by | 3rd, January 2009

TO the seats of Celebrity Mastermind, where BBC employees resting and present are competing for the title Biggest Brain in Showbiz.

Of course, no-one likes a know all and the real contest is to see which celeb can be the most challenged and get the lowest score.

So here’s Mel Smith, looking “frail and anxious” as he answers questions in the manner of Kerry Katona.

Says the Daily Mail:

Worried fans said Mel slurred his words as he sat slumped in the famous Mastermind chair during the festive edition of the show which was shown on New Year’s Eve.

One picture is captioned “Enlarge Mel Smith”, a cruel slight given Smith’s far-from-frail appearance.

The Alas Smith And Jones star appeared to slur his words and one report said he was ‘pale, shaky and twitchy’ … fans speculated that the 56-year-old Alas Smith And Jones star was suffering the after-effects of a stroke.

Of course, it’s all a terrific misunderstanding and the Mail has been too quick to point fingers and be afeared. And here’s the explainer, with sympathetic back story:

Says a BBC spokesman:

“Mel was unwell on the day of recording with a serious throat infection. He was representing a charity and didn’t want to let them down. We were grateful he went ahead with the recording despite not being at his best.”

What a trooper. Just like Kerry Katona, who bares an uncanny resemblance to the former TV funnyman. Might they be related, if not by birth then at least by condition?

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