Anorak | How To Make Google A Bazillion Dollars More And Not Get Paid For It

How To Make Google A Bazillion Dollars More And Not Get Paid For It

by | 3rd, January 2009

HERE’S the chance you’ve been waiting for to work unpaid for Google and to make them another bazillion  dollars. And, remember, they are watching you:

“So where do you turn to for great ideas when tough times force you to abort your engineers’ brainchildren? If you’re Google, reports Nicholas Carlson, you simply outsource brainstorming to your users. Google’s launched a new Google Product Ideas blog as well as a Product Ideas for Google Mobile site where users can submit feature and product ideas and vote on others. So what’s in it for you if you come up with Google’s next billion-dollar-idea? ‘If you post an idea or suggestion and we put it into action, we may give you a shout out on our Product Ideas blog,’ explains Google, ‘but we won’t be compensating users for their ideas.’ Lucky thing don’t-be-evil Googlers don’t have to live up to the IEEE Code of Ethics, or they might have to credit properly the contributions of others.”


You make the big corporation loadsa money and it responds by thanking you by way of a thank you. Hey, it costs nothing to be police – really…


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