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Lily Allen Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow Pities Us

by | 7th, January 2009

LILY Allen Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow thisnk you’re sad…

“I think part of the problem is people get a hit of energy when they are negative about something, and it is a very detrimental way for them to get that hit of energy. They do not understand why they do not have a happy life. That kind of stuff is just noise to me. I just feel sorry for them.”

Her blog is called Goop. It stands for Goo Please…

I have this incredible, blessed, sometimes difficult, very lucky, very unique life, and I’ve gotten to travel all over the place and to work and live in different cities. … I go on tour with my husband and go to cities I would never necessarily go to. So I started accruing all of this information. I am the person my friends call when they want to know: “I am redoing this bathroom, and I want a sink that looks midcentury, but a contemporary version of a midcentury. Where should I go?” or “How do I make your (recipes)?” … I thought this would be a fun, creative way to share with friends.”


Lily Allen – the woman herself:

The only story is that drugs are bad and they will kill you — you will become a prostitute, a rapist or a dealer. But that’s not true.

“I know lots of people who take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work.

“But we never hear that side of the story.

“I wish people wouldn’t sensationalise it.

“Some people are just bad at taking drugs.”

We won’t have what she’s having…

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