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Little Girls And Boys Want To F*** Britney Spears

by | 8th, January 2009

BRITNEY SPEARS, that Max Wall impersonator extraodianaire, is miming to her new tune If You Seek Amy.

Some do. But not everyone likes what they hear. An Australian mothers’ group laments:

 “I was astonished and totally taken aback when I heard my five and seven year old kids walking around the house singing, ‘F-*-*-K. When I asked them what it was, they told me it was Britney Spears. I was horrified.

You’d expect this sort of thing from Gary Glitter. But Spears..!

“I got them the Circus album because little kids are Britney fans, but there was no warning on the album and none of the songs listed had F-*-*-K in the title.

“Listening to it, it is extremely blatant and offensive. I feel I have been deceived into believing that this was acceptable content for children but instead it is objectionable.”

Everything about Spears is objectionable. That is her point. She started out as a singer and dancer but now she operates as a ambulatory warning as to what can go wrong.

If -F
You – U
Seek -C K
Amy – Me.

She is the fairytale princess who throw down her hair and forgot to keep hold of the other end.

In any case, the reply to Spears refrain is “No thank you”. Children must learn the rules…


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