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Jade Goody’s Cancer Countdown

by | 12th, January 2009

JADE Goody has a “40% CHANCE OF SURVIVING.” So says Jade Goody, who has been given the freedom of the Mirror’s front page to declare:

“Read the shocking story of my cancer battle.”

Jade is thereon pictured pulling the kind of face many readers save for the footage of grandma dancing on You’ve Been Framed – a mix of revulsion, horror and pity.

First off, hats off to the Mirror which has dispensed with its yellow ribbon for Maddy and its WMD counter but sticks resolutely to the Jade Goody story.

Standing at the top of her stairs, horrified Jade Goody screamed until it started to hurt inside her head.


A large clump of hair had fallen from the side of her scalp on to the carpet. Following surgery to remove her womb and ovaries as well as a rugby ball-sized tumour, she had already been given intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

And doctors had warned her she had only a 40 per cent chance of survival. The Big Brother star, speaking exclusively to the Mirror, said: “I’m realistic. I know I might not have that long left.”

Readers then learn about Jade’s baldness, her deteriorating vision and the sheer horror of being diagnosed with cancer. It’s grim. And we wish Jade well. She might have long left, but the Mirror seems keen that she spends quality time with it.

Over pages 3 and 4 of this exclusive, Jade tells us how the dream for the little girl she will now never have:

“I would make sure her hair was brushed at night and I would rip up old sheets to make rag tails. Then we’d go shopping and play with dolls. But that little girl will never live now and that really hurt.”

And so the depressing news of young woman’s cancer is turned into a mawkish flight of fancy.

Will the Mirror now stick a ribbon in its cover for Jade. Or a countdown..?

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