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Vote Gordon Brown To Cure Cancer

by | 13th, January 2009

IN his now weekly address to Sun readers, Gordon Brown pulls on his briefs and “said yesterday that he and Barack Obama shared a dream of tackling the world’s woes — and vowed to do so together.”

Brown is the new black, say his supporters.

The Prime Minister declared they would form a bond so strong that Britain’s special relationship with the US would become unbreakable.

So tight will this bond become that should, say, the US economy tumble, then we too will tumble.
Should the US go to war, we too will go to war.

Should British voters reject their tired and disliked leader, Brown will not hold an election but cling onto power and hope that the people are to shit scared of change that they keep him in Number 10.

And he said that the two nations could even find ways of wiping out deadly global diseases, such as cancer.

Yes, vote Gordon to eradicate cancer. A Tory vote is a vote FOR cancer. And not only that:

They aim to focus on saving Third World victims from malaria, measles, cholera, TB, polio and pneumococcus bacteria… But they will also ensure scientists on both sides of the Atlantic strive towards wiping out cancer, heart disease, dementia and HIV.

Gordon Brown will then work on wiping out death.

Sadly, Obama has only eight years tops to cure the world, and many would rather it was less.

But Gordon has forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

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