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Sooty And Weep: The Top Ten Royal Family Nicknames

by | 14th, January 2009

KOLIN Dhillon is 58. He is, says the Telegraph, a multi-millionaire property developer in Gloucestershire. He is a member of the Cirencester Park Polo Club. His nickname is Sooty.

Prince Charles and his two sons, Harry ‘Paki‘ Baseball Cap and Wills, “always referred to him as Sooty whenever they meet”.

Behind his back they called him “Doogle”, Mr Dhillon, “little Paki” and “Smudger”.

Mr Dhillon says the Sooty nickname as a “term of affection”.

“I have to say, you know you have arrived when you acquire a nickname!”

Indeed, when Prince Philip arrived from Greece, he was delighted to be called “Nick”, the “BFG” (Big Fat Greek – he was carrying some timber at the time), Zorba, Kaiser and “Ni**er”.

In her memoirs, The late Queen Mother recalls her delight at being introduced as “Jock Strap” on her first debutant ball in London.

Says Mr Dhillon:

“I enjoy being called Sooty by my friends who I am sure universally use the name as a term of affection with no offence meant or felt. The Prince of Wales is a man of zero prejudice and both of his sons have always been most respectful.”

Other Royal nicknames:

Princess Michael of Ken – Adolf
Her Majesty the Queen – White Trash
Camilla Duchess of Cornwall – Tampon
Andrew Duke of York – The 19th Hole
Prince Edward – TWIT (The Weed In Tweed)
Sophie Countess of Wessex – The Scarlett Pimpernel
Princess Anne – Stable Lad
Prince William – Mr Ben
Prince Harry Baseball Cap – Piss Head
Princess Beatrice – Bagpuss

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