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X Factor: Finding Another Reason To Hate Gay Danyl Johnson

by | 1st, November 2009

danyl-johnson1THE media hatchet job on the X Factor Danyl Johnson continues as the NoTW screams:

Danyl Johnson’s 100% gay

Not too long ago, the NoTW told us that Danyl Johnson was “bi”, which made him 50% gay.


Now we get the fact that he is 100% gay. Or as the sub-header puts it:


Paige Bond, who managed his old band, said he was NEVER interested in women but was terrified that admitting he was gay would wreck his shot at stardom.

Which it would do. You have to achieve the stardom then come out as gay, and be hailed as brave. The former manager of a failed act goes on:

“He was so nervous the day he came out the closet to me. I thought he was going to quit the band. Then he said, ‘I’m gay.’ He was very specific. He didn’t say anything about being bisexual. I didn’t care if he was gay, but I got the sense Danyl was well aware of how being open about it could damage his career.”

The former manager says he didn’t care, but now seems to care enough to tell the press. And then this loaded comment from the paper’s Jennifer Wiley (more nominative determinism, folks):

The singer previously admitted to the News of the World that he’s dated men and women.

Admitted. Not said. Not revealed. Admitted. Criminals admit. Being gay is not a crime. Unless, you’re a budding male singer it isn’t. But let’s stick to the facts:

But Paige – who managed Danyl during his stint in now defunct boyband NV – said: “I never got the impression he fancied women. But then I never saw him date anyone because he was so focused on his career.”

The impression… Is that fact?

She added: “I would never have guessed he was gay. But if the band had gone on to have success, let’s just say Danyl wouldn’t have been broadcasting his sexuality.”

Just as well lucky Danyl has someone who care enough to do it for him…

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