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Katie Price Presents Mr And Mrs Quiz On Big Brother

by | 5th, January 2010

katie-price_jordan1ON Big Brother, Katie Price is asking Alex Reid and Dane Bowers questions Katie Price favourite subject: Katie Price.

Does Alex Reid, Mr Toffee Crisp, a man who can be read in Braille, know Katie better than Dane Bowers does, who can be seen on the internet using Katie as a novelty foot muff?

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

Says Katie Price’s spokesperson in all media: “She wants the show to be about Alex, not her.” And she will keep telling the press until they listen.

So what will Katie ask about Katie? Here are our five questions for lovers past present and future to ponder:

1. Is Jordan’s favourite foreplay: a) calling the Daily Star; b) watching This Morning; c) a pickled egg?

2. Glamour modelling differs from catwalk modelling chiefly how: a) glamour models can’t walk without falling over; b) no catwalk model has appeared on I’m A Celebrity; c) there is no difference?

3. What phrase does Jordan prefer: a) shagentell; b) kissentell; c) tell?

4. Katie Price’s favourite book is: Sense and shagability; b) Mobby dickhead; c) OK!

5. Katie once saw whose likeness in her knickers: a) Mother Teresa; b) Nelson Mandela; c) Jodie Marsh?

In other news: Katie Price is not on Big Brother – more on that every day…

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

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