Anorak | The Last Moments Of The Ady Gil: An Ocean Safety Video

The Last Moments Of The Ady Gil: An Ocean Safety Video

by | 9th, January 2010

Crewman in “Jet Pilot” gear later seen blowing kisses: [noticing the flag flown by fellow Sea Shepherd vessel the Bob Barker] “It’s the Norwegian flag! I love it.”

[General chatter]

Captain Kiwi: [instructing Crewman Kissyface] “We’ve got to save our fuel … could you just reach in [to the cockpit] and tell him to stop now.”

Crewman Kissyface: [waves to the Bob Barker]

Captain Kiwi: “See you later, guys! Give ‘em heaps!”

Crewman Kissyface: [blows kiss]

Captain Kiwi: [pointing ahead] “Not that far away, the Nisshin Maru. I reckon that’s only like five or six miles eh …”

Crewman Kissyface: “Yeah, we slowed them down for sure. They were zig-zagging the whole time.”

Captain Kiwi: “Well team, f***** good effort guys. [High fives!] It’s been a good day. Pity we haven’t got a couple of thousand litres more fuel …”

Unidentified crewman: “Sure you don’t want to [unclear] one more?”

[General happy chatter]

Captain Kiwi: “It’s been a massive day. Massive.”

Crewman Kissyface: “Good work buddy. Good driving.”

Captain Kiwi: “Team effort, brother. Good team effort. Not an easy day though, eh.”

[At this point the Shonan Maru, trailing both the Nisshin Maru and the Ady Gil, sounds its LRAD warning]

Crewman Kissyface: “Oooh! LRAD!”

Captain Kiwi: [waving his hands in mock terror] “Ooooh! So scared!”

Crewman Kissyface: “Somebody get me outta here!”

[General laughter. A third crewman calmly takes a picture of the approaching Shonan Maru.]

Crewman Kissyface: [to the photographer] “See if you can get a close-up, Mike. As close as you can, because I want the LRAD.”

spotter: Tim Blair

Says Captain Behtune:

“We were just idling. My guy driving tried to turn to starboard at last minute but was too late. Also had a wave pick us up which carried us another metre or so into danger. In the end we had right of way. They were on our port side and they were also overtaking. So it is up to them to steer clear of us regardless. A good result for the Japanese in short term, but this will hurt them dearly in the long term I believe.”

Looks like the one hurt is the Ady Gil…

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