Anorak | South African Crime Baron ‘Fat’ Murphy Is Hermaphrodite Called Hilary

South African Crime Baron ‘Fat’ Murphy Is Hermaphrodite Called Hilary

by | 11th, January 2010

gun-x-rayFADWAAN Murphy is Fat Murphy Murphy, an alleged drugs dealer. He is also a hermaphrodite named Hilary. The truth came out a few weeks back when Murphy was being searched during a raid at his home in Kuils River, on south Africa’s Western Cape. He was patted down. And his strap-on penis fell off…

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At Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court in Cape Town, Murphy, face charges of possession of stolen property and corruption (it’s claimed her offered police 100 Rand not to search him). He applies for bail under the name Hilary. Says he:

“I had a vagina that could not be penetrated. But I also had male organs, testes. But I always knew I was really a man and that was what I wanted to be.”

He tells the Sunday Times:

“I am what I am through the creation of God. I stand firm as a man, as a husband and as a father. God created me with both sexual organs. It was God’s decision, not mine. I was born with a disability that could have happened to anyone. Children have been born with two heads.”

Says his mum Faiza Allie:

“He wanted to wear pants, Nevada’s, and Grasshopper shoes. Not even on Christmas Day did he put on a dress.

“When he was at school he used to go out of the house with his school dress on, but around the corner he would take it off and go to school in pants. Just before he got home, he would put the dress on again.”

Says Hilary:

“If Director Jeremy Vearey [Mitchell’s Plain police station commissioner] and his fellow officers think that they have robbed me of my pride and dignity as a man, then they are fooling themselves.

“Vearey is harassing me because I am suing him for crimen injuria. He says that he is pursuing me for drug dealing – what has that got to do with my gender? My sexual status is not a criminal offence.”

He was released on bail of R300.

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