Anorak | Celebrity Big Brother: Ivanova’s Sex Games, Hannah Kamelmacher And Ronnie Wood Dream Dates Heather Mills

Celebrity Big Brother: Ivanova’s Sex Games, Hannah Kamelmacher And Ronnie Wood Dream Dates Heather Mills

by | 12th, January 2010

katia-jonasCELEBRITY Big Brother: Katia Ivanova is on a “SEX PLOT TO WIN”. The Daily Star leads with an “Exclusive” review of the telly show, telling readers that “two-timing” Katia Ivanova faces a “hate mob if she is axed because of her cruel sex antics”.

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The story goes that Katia has “dumped” someone called Dan Turner so she can fondle Scandinavian fish fancier Basshunter “in a ploy to become more popular” and give us the tabloid couple Bass-Inova. It’s what the Star terms a “bizarre ‘one out, one in’ sex game”.


But last night fans saw her dump the hunky musician after she claimed he had got “too clingy”. He was close to tears and said: “I feel like a kid who got loads of sweets and then had them taken away.”

As for ditched Dan:

Poor Dan is oblivious to the fact he has been dumped because he has not been watching the show.

Anyone keeping up with this sex plot whish seems to involve a couple of young ZZZ-list celebs getting off with each other for a bit and then stopping. But the Star sees something else. It sees Katia as a protean Heather Mills. We are being invited to hate Katia Ivanova for no more reason than she dated a 1960s rocker and gave him something less wrinkly to snuggle up to of a night.

Like Mills, Ivanova is blonde. Like Mills, Ivanova has a sexual history that takes in allegations from prostitutes who claim to have worked with her. And like Mills, Ivanova has dated a member of the country’s rock aristocracy, albeit something Paul McCartney may keep in a darker corner of his garden.

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It mans that where Katia goes, Ronnie must follow. So. Here’s a story about goblin king Ronnie Wood on the Sun’s front page:


The rocker, 62, was yesterday thought to have spent the night at a hotel with the brunette, 26, as his 21-year-old ex was getting frisky on Celebrity Big Brother.

Ronnie is spotted out with Russian Hannah Kamelmacher. Anyone might like to know that before Ronnie whisked Hannah off to a Chinese after a date at the Masters snooker.

A date with Ronnie Wood seems to involve a lot of sitting down. Might it be that Ronnie and Heather Mills are made for each other – literally?

Pass the Die Freuden Der Liebe. The big-print version… Let’s get legless, darlin’…

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