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Celebrity Big Brother: Alex Reid Beats Katie Price

by | 13th, January 2010

monkey-reidCELEBRITY Big Brother: AFTER the sex and the non-sex and the SEX, the Daily Star brings news of a Celebrity Big Brother betting fix. There is always a betting fix on Big Brother.

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

This year’s fix is that Alex Reid, Mr Toffee Crisp, is no longer 70-1 to win the show but a mere 15-1. That’s right, Reid is 15-1 to win the show that features 12 contestants. The news is that Reid is becoming popular – perhaps as popular as Katie Price.

Jonas Altberg – DJ Basshunter Orgy (NSFW)

But two of Reid’s rivals to take the title of Celebrity Big Brother winner to their graves, and yours, are leaving this week. Which means that Reid is 15-1 to beat nine others and win the show.

Such is the strength of this “fix” that buried in the text the Star says:

Channel 4 sources say they are also expecting to see massive numbers picking up the phone and voting for the cage-fighter if he is nominated for eviction

So, Reid is not thought to be popular and anyone investing in his success is a mug. Also, as is the way of the Daily Star phone polls, no figures are giving, To bring in Reid’s odds from 70-1 to 15-1 may require only a hack looking for a CBB story and 50p to bet with. The size of the market might be miniscule.

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

Of course, everyone wants Reid out because we need him to move his celebrity career on. We want to see what he does next, whether it be working in a vivisection factory, juggling water balloons or sticking his head between gate posts…

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