Anorak | Simon Fuller Creates Perez Hilton Boy Band Prop 8, Chapstick Homosexuals

Simon Fuller Creates Perez Hilton Boy Band Prop 8, Chapstick Homosexuals

by | 20th, January 2010

8058989WITH American Idol set to die the moment Simon Cowell hoists up his trousers to his chin and struts off to the X Factor, Simon Fuller plots what to do next? Perez Hilton wonders…

The answer: fill will create the male Spice Girls, a gangs of lads who can sing a bit, dance a bit and stroke each other arms and legs in interview while pretending to be Chapstick Homosexuals (TM).

And who will assist him in this drive toward excellence? Who has the necessary musical nous and wit to make it happen? Why, it’s celebrity blogger gone native, Perez Hilton.

Of course, forming a manufactured cabaret act and passing it off as a band is just a matter of ticking the boxes: good name; blonde one, gay one, black one, plain one and quirky one; and upating an old tune.

So without further ado we tell you that the show will be called Boy Band Search.

“All of the members will sing. All of the members will dance. Finding our talented group won’t be easy, but the end result is going to be soooooooo worth it. I can hear the screaming girls already!”

Noooooo! They scream. What d’yer mean you’re gay?!

But what chance of finding a band that can sing and dance? It will not be easy. And then there is the other matter: passing the interview:

Perez: “So, what are your views on gay marriage.”
Youth: “You asking?”


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