Anorak | Afghanis Rush To Join Taliban To Claim Money In Restart Scheme

Afghanis Rush To Join Taliban To Claim Money In Restart Scheme

by | 28th, January 2010

money1THE War on the Taliban will be won on the Field of Bribes. The Independent leads with the headline: “The new Afghan plan: buy off Taliban.” Right now hundreds and thousands of Afghanis are contemplating joining the Taliban to qualify for the restart scheme.

Suicide belts are expensive, you know. So too are bombs and petrol to get to the enemies camp. Being a suicide bomber is not cheap.   

  • * Are you having trouble finding the money to flee to the West?
  • * Are you looking to buy bigger guns?
  • * Are you interersted in better fertilizers to grow better smack to export to the decadent West?

Here’s how. It cannot fail.

Britain and the US are backing a new strategy to buy off “soft” supporters of the Taliban in a radical attempt to end nine years of war in Afghanistan.

What about the hard supporters, the ones who may see the soft targets as, well, soft targets and take their money?

More than 60 delegations, from Colombia to Australia, will gather in Lancaster House this morning to draw up an exit strategy from Afghanistan. Much of it is based on reintegrating the Taleban rank and file, wooing the Taleban leadership and gradually handing security to the Afghan Army and police.  The conference is expected to agree a $500 million (£310 million), five-year fund for President Karzai to “buy off” insurgents who are not ideologically committed to destroying the West.

Brilliant. What we need to squash the enemies of the West is to give them our money.Andrew Bolt spots a precedent: Rudyard Kipling described the folly of Danegeld beautifully.

It is always a temptation to a rich and lazy nation,
To puff and look important and to say:
“Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane.

It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
For fear they should succumb and go astray,
So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
You will find it better policy to say:

“We never pay any one Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost,
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
And the nation that plays it is lost!”


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