Anorak | ‘Emotional’ Susan Boyle ‘Enchanted’ By Man At Nice Airport

‘Emotional’ Susan Boyle ‘Enchanted’ By Man At Nice Airport

by | 18th, February 2010

8128731SUSAN Boyle was not at the BRITs. She was at Nice airport. She’s on the cover of the Daily Express, smiling and looking happy over a red tray on which are sat two white cups, a few opened pots of milk-like substance and a bit of bun. Yes, two cups…

Boyle’s on her way back from Italy’s Sanremo Festival and “with one hand held pensively to her face and the other clasped by a concerned friend, it looks as if Susan Boyle was on the verge of another crisis.

Susan Boyle’s Mars Bar Makes Her A Victim Of Media Manipulation

Well, no it doesn’t – unless you work for the tabloids which eye Boyle in the same way a spiteful mother watches a rival’s child being fed sweets, praise and fizzy pop and hopes they throw a brilliant tantrum.

Susan Boyle is not in crisis. Susan Boyle is “smiling and enjoying a joke with her manager Andy Stephens”.

Music industry insiders say Stephens is the key to Susan’s success and happiness.”
No names are given for these insiders. Its’ just what “they say”. And you thought Simon Cowell was the key?

New Beau Subo?” asks the Sun.

Well, no. It’s her manager.

SUSAN Boyle blushes as a handsome man holds her hand and stares deep into her eyes across a cafe table. The 48-year-old virgin covers her mouth, seemingly overcome with emotion as he leans forward to speak intently to her.

The Mail goes one better, setting a scene of an “emotional” Boyle and then telling readers what’s going on in her head.

The pair touch hands across the table and at one point Mr Stephens reaches out to give the singer a comforting pat. It seems to do the trick as they both manage a laugh.

They seem pretty happy in all the pictures, unless you’re looking for signs of The Susan Boyle Melt Down? Anyhow, what else do we know? A source tells us:

“He is also a very handsome older man. He’s had plenty of admirers over the years and Susan has become enchanted by him but, unlike so many in showbiz, Andy has always remained an utterly devoted family man. And that’s not going to change.”

Hard luck, Susan.

In other news, Susan Boyle never said she was a virgin…

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