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The Best And Worst Fan Tattoos Ever

by | 27th, July 2010

THAT fan tattoo of your club, TV idol, hero was a decent good at the time. But, then, the lifelong passion turned into a fad and you are left with an Anthea Turner picture on your buttocks. Anorak presents the greatest bad fan tattoos ever. Britney Spears is forever bald; Bono might be sacrilegious; Michael Jackson is dandling young Mr Culkin on his knee; Celine Dion is on your chest; God bless Tony Danza; Patrick Swayze is a unicorn; and if anyone has or sees a Tony Blair tattoo, let us know…

Tattoos – Weird And Stupid Ones
Tattoos – Retro Ones
Tattoos – On Your Arse
Tattoos – Super Heroes
Tattoos On Faces – The Mughsots
Tattoos: The Misspelled Ones


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