Anorak | X Factor: Chloe Mafia’s Sex With A Wagner Look Alike? Photos

X Factor: Chloe Mafia’s Sex With A Wagner Look Alike? Photos

by | 19th, December 2010

DID Wagner shag Chloe Mafia at the X Factor party? Would Chloe, the new nation’s sweetheart, singing Bratz Doll and alleged prostitute (Chloe) squire Wagner?

A source tells the Mirror:

“She had a tight white dress on. She clocked Wagner’s beaming face and made a beeline for him. They hugged and kissed and Wagner seemed hypnotised.”

Must be the big earrings. One spin of those and no man can resist. While seemingly hypnotised, did Our Chloe make Wagner bark like a dog?

“He couldn’t take his eyes off her and kept grinning like a cat.”

He was grinning like a cat, eh? Chloe Mafia is one talented babe. The country has been calling out for a singer, dancing hypnotist ever since Des O’Connor hung up his microphone. And Chloe heard the call.

Ian Hough, Chloe’s ex boyfriend, tells us:

“She told me she did some coke in the toilets but that Wagner wasn’t interested in the drugs. She said it all got very messy. She said she remembered going to his room and falling on to his bed. She also said she remembered them both stripping and having full sex. It was only when she woke up and saw him next to her that she realised properly what had happened. She rang me on Sunday morning and said, ‘Oh my God. What have I done?’”

Well, if she doesn’t know, can she ask Wagner? Dan Wootton, of the NoTW, says he did. And Wagner said:

“I have never had anything to do with Chloe, not in that way at all. At bootcamp I noticed her, you couldn’t not – she was laughing and loud. I was shocked to know she was a hooker. I only saw her once after bootcamp and that was after the show. After the performance, I went from the stage to the hotel to change and that’s when I saw her at the hotel reception on the way out. She asked if she could come back to the party at the studio and I gave her and her friends a lift but security didn’t let her back in. I have never had anything to do with her, never kissed her or been to any room with her.”

Which makes us wonder who it was lying next to Our Chloe if not Wagner? Is there a man pretending to be a singer, using the Brazilian’s fame to seduce women? Has anyone seen Engelbert Humperdinck lately..?

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