Anorak | Giant Fox Caught In Kent: Boy Smiles

Giant Fox Caught In Kent: Boy Smiles

by | 3rd, January 2011

WHEN twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis were attacked by a fox in their London home, the media went full out for the fox. Foxes were monsters that must be killed. The urban fox hunter went to work.

Now, we see a photo of a huge 26.5lb fox trapped in a Maidstone, Kent, garden by vet Keith Talbot.

Mum and dad had told Keith that a fox had killed and ripped to bits their pet cat Amber. The fox was made to pay.

In the photo, the fox stands alongside a smiling seven year old child. You can’t help but notice that dead fox and grinning boy share the same colour pelt. Can foxes turn into people, and vice versa? Is there a werefox? Should we be more afraid of the animal or the smiling boy..?

Spotter: The Field Sports Channel

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