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Joanna Yeates: The Single Sock Killer And Chris Jefferies Sues

by | 5th, January 2011

JOANNA Yeates: First a quick word on Chris Jefferies – this year’s Robert Murat: Mr Jefferies has employed lawyers, London-based Stokoe Partnership. The company’s Rhys Mardon has written to the media:

“We are extremely concerned about how our client is being portrayed in the media, and how material of potential relevance to the investigation has been published. His name has been blackened, and his privacy invaded. This may ultimately prejudice his right to, and any prospect of, a fair trial, in the event that he is subsequently charged.”

“Given that the proceedings referred to within the material published are active within the meaning of the Contempt of Court Act 1981, we consider that the publication of the material is a contempt of court and creates a substantial risk that the course of public justice will be seriously impeded or prejudiced.”

You can read just how badly he has been treated by the press here. The murder of Joanna Yeates may well feature in a libel court before it hits any criminal court.

That said, we can now look at today’s barrage of facts in the press:

The Mirror (front page): “JO’S KILLER CAUGHT ON CCTV”

“Two people seen tracking tragic Jo”


The Daily Mirror has published footage apparently showing the 25-year-old during her walk home on December 17 with a Tesco carrier bag – followed seconds later by two people.

That headline statement of facts is looking shaky. Go on:

Officers have been trawling through scores of hours of CCTV as part of the probe. The footage published in the Mirror apparently shows Miss Yeates on her walk home at 8.44pm on December 17. This was after she bought a Tesco pizza, no trace of which has since been found.

Another image timed 27 seconds later then shows two people walking in the same direction. An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman told the paper said they could not confirm the earlier image was of Miss Yeates, but said the footage would be investigated.

Woman walks down street. Other people walk down street. And this is a breakthrough?

But the Telegraph to tell us:

Detectives admit that they still do not know where and when the landscape architect died and at what stage her body was dumped by the roadside three miles from her flat in Bristol.

Still, the Express knows the experts are onto it:

Ray Palmer, the Service’s principal forensic scientist, said: “Fibres are particularly important when the body is deposited away from the murder place.”

We learn via the Mail:

Police crime scene investigators wore breathing apparatus to go through 25-year-old Joanna’s flat.

Wow. Any more clues armchair detectives can harvest and mull over? Well, she may have todl some popel that her boyfriend Greg Reardon was going away:

One of the landscape architect’s friends, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Mail yesterday: ‘Jo was really looking forward to having the weekend to herself. ‘They had only moved in a few weeks before in October and it had been very hectic with Christmas coming up.  Jo was talking about baking mince pies and finishing her shopping. They’d been out almost every night before at parties and drinks, so she was probably looking forward to having a rest as well. She had always walked alone and felt safe because it was Clifton – there were never any concerns at all about her safety as far as I know. Anyone who had an email, text or contact with her in the week before she vanished has been interviewed.’

The Sun (front page): “JO’S BODY MISSING ONE SOCK”

THE body of murder victim Jo Yeates was found without a coat or shoes and only one sock.

Which means..?

Cops believe it suggests the 25-year-old landscape architect met her grim fate at her home.

Because the other sock was found in her home?

But there is one breakthrough: Joanna Yeates is now Our Joanna.

The Daily Express’s front page uses the headline: “JOANNA.” She is now up there with “DIANA” and “MADDIE”.

Joanna Yeates is seen when a schoolgirl. She is holding cup. The paper tells us:

“As the police scour flat for clues her mum weeps: I just want her back.”

This is also the Star’s front-page news:

“Murdered Jo’s mum’s agony”

Teresa Yeates is “heartbroken”. Such are the facts. Who knew that a woman whose daughter had been murdered would be sad? This is mourn porn. Look, everyone. Look at the weeping woman. Look. Look. Look!

The Mirror wrings its hands:

And her devastated family have now been sent a message of support from the mother of another young woman whose brutal killing shocked the nation. Linda Bowman’s daughter Sally Anne Bowman was repeatedly stabbed to death and raped before her body was callously dumped in a skip outside her home in Croydon, South London, in 2005.

The last word is with Joan Smith. She wants to tell Indy readers of her fantasy:

Imagine the scene: thousands of students are about to return to a university city where a young woman has been brutally murdered. The police do not know where or when she died but they announce that her killer “remains at large”. They call on men not to go out after dark until the killer is caught. “We ask men to go out in the evening only if their journey is really necessary, and to make sure they’re accompanied by a woman,” says the senior investigating officer.

Well, that’s my fantasy.

Such are the facts:


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