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Jared Loughner: Randy Loughner, Zane Gutierrez And Buckwheat

by | 12th, January 2011

JARED Loughner: With six dead and Gabrielle Giffords among many in hospital, and the media exercising little or no caution, we learn from Zane Gutierrez (pictured on his Facebook page) more about the alleged killer.

We learn:

“He was a nihilist and loves causing chaos, and that is probably why he did the shooting, along with the fact he was sick in the head.”

Loughner kept a dream journal.

“Jared felt nothing existed but his subconscious. The dream world was what was real to Jared, not the day-to-day of our lives.”

To some that may make Loughner appear spiritual and interested in the human experience. But mass murder casts a pall over the killer’s past moves. As the politicians and nodding heads debate why he did it, the Times writes:

The new details from Mr. Gutierrez about Mr. Loughner — including his philosophy of anarchy and his expertise with a handgun, suggest that the earliest signs of behavior that may have ultimately led to the attacks started several years ago.

An American who knew how to shoot a gun? Had only the authorities known earlier.

We then get to know a bit about Jared’s dad, Randy. He’s done nothing wrong. But, still, here’s an anecdote from a neighbour whose children kicked a ball into the Loughner’s garden:

“They had to buy a new one. I’d tell my son, those are not normal people over there — there’s a reason why they stick to themselves. I said, be careful around that guy — don’t get him angry,” she added.

Meanwhile, Buckwheat remains dead


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