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Swine Flu Scam: Get Yours At Your Local Hospital

by | 13th, January 2011

THE number of flu deaths in the UK this winter is, according to the figures already released 50 – with 45 due to swine flu – the H1N1 virus – but the England and Wales Health Protection Agency is today (January 13) going to release updated statistics.

It probably needs to since in the island of Jersey (also part of the UK) the health department has recorded 62 cases of swine flu out of a total of 116 cases of flu up to 9 January.

The Channel Islands health department has already written to parents with advice about the virus. Last winter 80 per cent of children were vaccinated against swine flu. This is in direct opposition to the advice the English and Wales health authorities say they are being given.

Today’s figure will be for England and Wales only. The devolved Scotland and Assembly-governed Northern Ireland have their own health departments.
The Department of Health will also publish figures on the number of people suffering from flu.

The latest statistics are released as the mother of one three-year-old child victim has called for a national vaccination programme. Gemma Ameen, 28, and her husband, Zana, switched off life support to their daughter, Lana, just two days after she caught a cold on Christmas Eve.

The Press Association today says:

“The Department of Health insisted independent expert advice was “absolutely clear” that children who do not have risk factors should not be vaccinated. The advice had been reviewed recently and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) did not change its recommendation.”

Just one sneeze from the back of the room:

You only ever catch swine flu while in hospital.

In the UK it is impossible to get it anywhere else.


Because only hospitals test patients for the H1N1 virus.

Family doctors are not geared up to do the necessary tests.

If you want to live free from the fear of swine flu infection do not, under any circumstances, go anywhere near a hospital.

If you are not diagnosed as H1N1 then you just have man/woman flu and it doesn’t get into the Swine Flu danger/horror/terror column figures.

You haven’t got it and you can not catch it, the masses are soothed and the health departments bumble along watching parents switch off life support machines.

Just another little manipulation of the health statistics to keep you all awake and wide-eyed into the long nights.

Meanwhile: High Street Chemist Boots says its has “very limited” stocks of the winter flu jab and has no hope of getting more. Other pharmacy multiples are now hinting they are in the same position.


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Protesters march to the Scottish Parliament in an "anti-swine flu vaccination protest" along the Royal Mile Edinburgh.

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