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Julian Fellowes Takes His Seat: Lord Downton Abbey Is Here To Help

by | 13th, January 2011

JULIAN Fellowes has taken his seat in the House of Lords. He’s a Conservative peer, dontchaknow. Fellowes created Downton Abbey, the TV hit of 2010. It worked because while the BBC produces costume drama for people who like to know a bit about history but can’t be arsed to read a book, ITV broadcasts a show for people who don’t give a toss about books but like the films.

Fellowes is now a Lord. And you get the impression he cares very much for the title. As she said of people who potted mistakes in his show, such a TV aerials honing into view and uses of words like “boyfriend” and “iPod” (only one of those has been made up):

“The real problem is with people who are insecure socially. They think to show how smart they are by picking holes in the programme to promote their own poshness and to show that their knowledge is greater.”

So says the man who married Emma the great-great-niece of “Kitchener of Khartoum” and took the name Julian Kitchener-Fellowes.

And this Emma who is – get this – Princess Michael of Kent’s Lady In Waiting. That’s job right up with being Prince Edward’s No.2 cheerleader. How did she get the job?

We were joined for lunch by Princess Michael of Kent and her lady-in-waiting, Emma Kitchener-Fellowes. I couldn’t help but ask how one becomes a lady-in-waiting. First, I was told, you have to come from a prominent family—usually titled— and be independently wealthy. You are expected to be both well-dressed and well-traveled, and you receive no pay.”

She is now Lady Emma. Which might come in handy when it some to flogging her husband’s show to the Americans.

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