Anorak | Joanna Yeates: The Sheds, Donald Rumsfeld And Badly Lit Sex

Joanna Yeates: The Sheds, Donald Rumsfeld And Badly Lit Sex

by | 14th, January 2011

JOANNA YEATES: The marketing, the sheds, the body, the two-minutes silence and the DNA – Anorak rounds-up the news:

Donald Rumsfeld Has News

The Daily Mirror leads with “THE JO FILES”

“4 weeks on…80 cops, £1m spent..what si really going on in Jo manhunt?”

Richard Smith delivers an “exclusive” that carries all the insight of a puppy sat by a pile of poo. Here’s one choice cut:

Periodically, detectives will be asking what do we know and conversely – what don’t we know. Where is the missing information and how can we best get it. It may well be the principle missing pieces are just taking time to pursue.

Murdered At Home

The Daily Star leads with news: “Cops: Jo murdered at home”

The Sun says: “Murder cops seize plans of Jo house”

The police have “seized” plans of a house that you can get by phoning the local council’s planning office, or download online from their website?

They are now inspecting the drawings of the vast Victorian mansion to see if the murderer might have secretly stashed her body somewhere before dumping it.

Any ideas where he might have stashed her body in the vast mansion?

Two large garden sheds sit behind the property – one could have been used to hide Jo’s body.

Victorian sheds?

CHRIS Jefferies: More Robert Murat than Serial Killer

The Body

The Star:

JOANNA Yeates’s killer took “a massive gamble” in moving her body after she was murdered, police said last night.

Detectives are convinced the 25-year-old was killed in her flat but cannot fathom why the strangler went to the trouble of dumping her body three miles away.

The Express enlarges on a theory:

A senior detective told the Daily Express that almost all murderers leave their victims at the scene of the crime. Speaking anon¬ymously, he said: “The movement of the body is a crucial factor in this case.

“Assuming the culprit was undetected carrying out the killing, why on earth did they just not leave the flat as quickly and quietly as possible?

Why speak anonymously?

Orchestrated Public Grief


JO Yeates’s grief-stricken family and friends last night called for a national two-minute tribute in her memory. A campaign on Facebook is asking people to fall silent in her honour on January 31 at 6pm.

Anorak can find no record of Miss Yeates’s family asking for a two-minute national silence for their daughter. Can you?


Meanwhile, detectives have ruled out a mass DNA trawl of the city where she lived, it emerged yesterday. The decision will come as a blow to many who supported a call for ­widespread testing across Bristol in the quest to match a DNA sample from saliva found on the landscape architect’s dead body. – Mail

Kerry McCarthy loses.

Sex Case

The Mail has news:

‘Extremely poor’ street ­lighting in Joanna Yeates’s neighbourhood had created a haven for stalkers and sex pests, experts warned over a year before her murder.

Only, police says Joanna Yeates was not sexually assaulted. And the Sun says she was killed in her home (see above), where the lighting is modern.

The Marketing Opportunity

As the Bristol Evening Post reports:

Lessons in self-defence offered free…

The lessons have been prepared by Kelly Bunyan, the head of London-based KB Fitness and her senior instructor Dalia Terret, who is an ex-Met police officer and officer safety instructor.

London based?

A spokeswoman said: “We’ve had many inquiries since the murder of Jo Yeates, and although we’re London-based, we’ve decided to offer this for the Bristol community.”

Pass the punch sick bag…


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