Anorak | Inappropriate Cemetery Sex By Reigate Grammar School: A Case Study

Inappropriate Cemetery Sex By Reigate Grammar School: A Case Study

by | 14th, January 2011

ANDREW Donaldson and Karen Waters, of East Oxford of Divinity Road, stand in Guildford Crown Court accused of having sex between the headstones in a graveyard in view of pupils at Reigate Grammar School, who were taking photos from their premises. Donaldson and Waters both deny two charges of outraging public decency.

The testimonies in court are worth repeating:

The school’s “public relations manager” Hannah Graydon:

“I was about 10 metres away when I saw a couple lying down. They weren’t wearing any clothes but there were a couple of gravestones in the way. I could clearly see the male but not the lady, as he was lying on top of her.”

Were they having sex?

“It looked like they were having sex.”

The pair claim to have been “sunbathing”.

Prospective parent Clare Jefferies was being shown around the school by three 11-year-old boys when a commotion alerted her to what was happening in the graveyard. She told the jury a lot of pupils were watching the couple and taking pictures using mobile phone cameras.

She added: “For a moment I thought that it was quite funny, then I realised that it wasn’t funny at all. It was highly inappropriate.”

The case continues…

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