Anorak News | Hair Transplant Surgeon Carves ‘WANKER’ Onto Man’s Head

Hair Transplant Surgeon Carves ‘WANKER’ Onto Man’s Head

by | 15th, January 2011

DARREN Hope was shocked to find the word “wanker” etched into his head. The word has been on his head for 19 years, so the story goes.

He never noticed because the word was covered in that of hair plugs. (Gordon Ramsay, pay attention.)

The thinking is that when he underwent his first procedure aged 21, the surgeon plucked the hairs from the back of Mr Hope’s head (used to cover the bald spot on the crown) pinto the shape “WANKER”.

Says Darren, from Nuneaton, Warks:

“Ever since I got the implants I grew my hair long but last summer I decided to get it all shaved. I was playing cricket and took my baseball cap off when one of my mates started laughing when I turned round. I spun round and he said to me ‘you do realise you’ve got w****r written on your head’…

”I feel like he committed criminal damage on me and has made me a laughing stock.”

Over to you, Ramsay…

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