Anorak | Jared Loughner, J. Eric Fuller And Mental Health In Tuscon

Jared Loughner, J. Eric Fuller And Mental Health In Tuscon

by | 16th, January 2011

JARED Loughner shot Gabrielle Giffords in the because Sarah Palin produced a photo of crosshairs and… Well, there are other reasons why the Tuscon man murdered six people and shot 14 more. And as experts on the Left says the Right made Loughner do it, we hear of one J. Eric Fuller:

A Tucson mass shooting victim was taken into custody Saturday after yelling “you’re dead” at a Tea Party spokesman during the taping of an ABC-TV town hall event hosted by Christianne Amanpour.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Office said , 63, was involuntarily committed to an undisclosed medical facility…

In other news, James Kelley writes:

“Anyone in Law Enforcement or Mental Health in Pima County that ever had contact with Mr. Loughner is now in bunker mode. Everyone is afraid of lawsuits down the road. They are evaluating their behavior and checking to make sure they followed all rules governing the care of Jared Loughner.”

Who to blame..?

Why he did it: grammar / nihilism/  Muslims Sarah Palin God a drawing /a mapmarijuanaliberal idealsHitler / a grudge/ a question /  Barack ObamaChicago / the bong/ and gun law made him do it. He might also have been mentally ill.

Here’s Loughner:

Photo: Glenn Beck and Jared Loughner.

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