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Joanna Yeates: Desperate Police Use Family To Flush Out Killer

by | 18th, January 2011

JOANNA YEATES: The police are using the media to add momentum. The police want the suspect to react, to do something out of the ordinary. The police are looking for a man who knew Joanna Yeates.

The Sun and Mirror both feature Joanna Yeates’s family on their front pages:

The Sun (front page): “End Our Agony – Help fund killer who knew our girl

There’s a photos of Joanna Yeates’s mum, dad, boyfriend and brother.

The Mirror (front page): “CATCH HIM BEFORE HE KILLS AGAIN

This time, just mum and dad are pictured.

But the front pages tell readers that a man who knew Joanna Yeates killed her. Are they facts? Well, no. But they are part of the police’s ploy. In a joint statement, David and Teresa Yeates say:

“Many of us are armchair detectives, but if this activity triggers anything please come forward… “

But what do we know? Chris Jefferies has been monstered. The media harped on about two killers. Anything else..?

“Has anyone you know had an unusual or inexplicable reaction? Was their behaviour unusual on the weekend of the 17th to the 19th of December, or through the past three weeks? Do you know someone who has been behaving out of character, either by actions or what is said, or not said? Do you know someone who has inexplicably become reclusive, quiet – or vocal?”

The parents do not speak off the cuff. They speak with the police. One killer is being sought. They apply the pressure. Mrs Yeates adds:

“Something apparently insignificant could trigger the killer to kill again. Please help us to identify the killer.”


“Jo was probably acquainted with her killer.”

The Sun has one clue, maybe:

JOANNA Yeates’ killer could have gone in and out of her flat without ever being seen, official documents confirmed today.

Yep, the killer whose identity is not known and who has not been spotted on CCTV might not have not been seen.

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