Anorak | Barack Obama’s Tuscon Applause Cue Surprises White House

Barack Obama’s Tuscon Applause Cue Surprises White House

by | 18th, January 2011

WHEN grey-haired sage Barack Obama put down his gun and spoke about Gabrielle Giffords (Gabby to you), he became the BBC’s first “post-partisan” President. And the crowd clapped.

White House Press Secretary Roert Gibbs was amazed by the clapping:

“I will say that I read the speech several times and thought that there wouldn’t be a lot of applause if any. I think many of us thought that. But I think there was a celebration, again, of the lives of those who had been impacted. Not just at that grocery store but throughout the country. And I think that, if that is part of the healing process, then that’s a good thing.”

Someone should have told the teleprompter…

Ed Driscoll:…the excuse du jour will be that these weren’t stage directions, just merely the assumption that the president would have to pause while the expected hosannas rained down upon him. But presumably, if you put ‘APPLAUSE’ into the text on a Jumbotron, a sufficient number of people in the audience will do just that.”

He has another explanation.

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