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Shrien Dewani: The Motive, The Suicide And The Circus

by | 19th, January 2011

SHRIEN Dewani: Tomorrow, the UK courts will review a request by the South Africans to extradite Shrien Dewani. He is alleged to have played a part in the murder of his wife Anni Dewani. He denies it.

Today, the Daily Express leads with:

I know why husband wanted bride killed claims police chief

The police chief is South African police commissioner General Bheki Cele. He’s the one who called Mr Dewani a “monkey” – “a monkey came all the way from London to have his wife murdered here.”

He says that on the next extradition hearing he will reveal the motive. Mr Cele appears to be playing to the crowd.

A man is innocent until proven otherwise. So. Here’s the Daily Mail’s David Jones:

“I never once saw them hug or kiss, or even hold hands,” I was told by a member of staff who served them at the Cape Grace Hotel, hours before Anni was murdered. She told me they were on honeymoon, but you’d never have guessed.

Any other facts?

The timing of their holiday ¬booking is curious, too. For I have discovered that Mr Dewani fixed up their first class BA flights and accommodation just three days before their departure. Why, when they spent so many weeks planning the wedding, did he risk waiting until the very last minute to secure the most ¬important trip of his life?

Was it the most important trip of his life?

As a habitual late-booker, was he simply behaving true to type — as the family insider claims?

Well, maybe – they might know him best.

What we do know is that Mr Dewani is currently on bail and living under curfew at his Passage Road home in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. Pankaj Pandya, 58, a “family friend for almost 30 years”, tells the local Bristol news:

“He had lost a lot of weight and looked like a zombie and he didn’t really know what was happening. I know there is a concern in the family that he could topple over, and that there is a danger that he could feel the whole world is against him and that he could take some drastic action. I am sure there is a fear that he could kill himself, so they are making sure that there is somebody always with him, that he doesn’t sleep on his own and somebody is there keeping him company.”

The murder story has become a tale of a man’s survival.

Over in South Africa, there is more blunt rhetoric. Police spokesman Colonel McIntosh Polela adds, as reported by Independent Online:

“Instead of shutting up and following the process, Mr Dewani has, from his side, decided to defend his case from thousands of miles away, using PR to try to clear his name instead of coming here to do so in court.

“He’s taken titbits of the case and is trying the case through the media, besmirching South Africa’s reputation in the process. He’s trying to divert attention from the fact that a young woman died and a family is grieving. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, in the end we’ll have Mr Dewani coming through O R Tambo to the full glare of cameras and then he will go to Cape Town to face the music.

“There’ll just be him in the witness stand and his lawyer in the court and then we’ll debate the facts and not the circus.”

So why mention the circus and play to the crowd?

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