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Zachary Jackson Levon: Elton John’s African Kids And A Sperm Shake

by | 19th, January 2011

ELTON John cradles Zachary Jackson Levon in his arms and the years of waiting for an OK! magazine baby montage are finally at an end.

Elton says the inspiration for having a baby of their own was their failed bid to adopt Ukrainian orphans Lev and his brother Artyom.

So, surrogacy it was. Elton and David Furnish looked through a selection of “egg donor profiles”. A woman was chosen whose skin tones would set off Elton’s red robe he sports for the shoot and David’s dancing eyes.? And they had to select a surrogate. She is “very knowledgeable about natural, organic products for children, the types of nappies to use, ways to feed the baby”.

She’s a rare find in a Californian woman.

Elton and David got to know the surrogate via the phone. They used pseudonyms when talking with her. We’re not told that they were but Beckham and Cruise would have excited any fallopian tube. But before long the woman started to wonder and then she “cracked it”.

Then David began to meet with her regularly. And he began to swot up on fatherhood. He did as any prospective dad must: he hired a nanny. He went shopping in Pottery Barn Kids. He bought a feeding chair, a changing table and a bassinet. He had them wrapped in Christmas paper to keep it all secret. He bought a car seat.

Then on Christmas Day, the child was born.

Elton: “They said ‘Quickly! The baby is coming!” We went in and stood behind the bed. Then the top of the head came out, and David said, ‘My God, that’s the head!”

David’s swatting stood him in good stead. But God did not answer. Not yet.

Elton: “I cut the first of the umbilical chord, and they laid Zachary on our chest – five minutes on mine, five minutes on David. Then they put him back on his surrogate mum and he started to feed.”

Elton: “I feed him. David feeds him.”

David: “We put him into our arms and he stops crying because it’s the scent he knows”

Denim for men?

Now we journey inside Zac’s nursery:

“We changed the pictures on the wall. We took some pictures from our collection and put up a photograph of elephants in Africa, with African drawings around the outside, and then pictures of African children in the rainforest… and then a big picture of trees and sky with birds in the trees. Just nature, positive and happy. We put the bassinet in the middle of that.”

They are keeping a scrapbook of Zac’s life, including his surrogate, his donor and his dads.

And who is the daddy?

David: “We both contributed…

A sperm shake?

David: “He has Elton’s nose.”
Elton: “[To David] And your ears.”
David: “And my hands.”

And a his mum’s recipe for cock-au-vin…

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