Anorak | Warsi Is Not Yet A Jew Nor A Shag Over The Dubai Dinner Table

Warsi Is Not Yet A Jew Nor A Shag Over The Dubai Dinner Table

by | 20th, January 2011

BARONESS Warsi, co-chairman of the Tory Party, says prejudice against Muslims has passed the dinner-table test”.

When asked if they would shag a Muslim over the dinner table, 83% of married non-Muslims Britons said “yes”. This is down of last year’s figure of 94%. Many experts blame Lauren Booth’s conversion for the rise in prejudice and the survey being popular with ex-pats living in Dubai.

But British Muslims are not yet fully ingrained into the dinner table racism. Until a top author like a JK Rowling or Martin Amis can portray the villains as Muslims in much the same way John Buchan, George du Maurier’s Svengali, or Anthony Trollope have done, the chattering classes prejudice will just be chatter.

But being a Muslim in the UK is very different to being a Muslim in a Muslim country. You are held to a different standard.

Take the Saudi cleric Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais. He visited Britain and the BBC hailed him a champion of “community cohesion”. This is the same person who in a Muslim country calls Jews the scum of the human race, rats of the world“. They must be “annihilated“.

When the Labour MP Tam Dalyell said Tony Blair wasunduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers“, Baroness Warsi might have asked, “But what about the Muslims? When will we be so pilloried without censure?”

Do Jews in Obama’s administration also form a cabal? Or are you only Jewish or Muslim when you are on the other side?

One thing is certain: anti-Muslim prejudice exists. But there is something great about this country where a Muslim woman can rise to the top of politics and take on the like of Ed Miliband, a Jew born.

What is unacceptable is that the others – the Jew, the Muslim, the Irish Catholic – are held to a standard beyond that of a white Christian. The Others are not allowed to fail. For when they do they cease to be an individual and become instantly one of them – the outsider…

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