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Tony Blair Should Get An Oscar: The Actor Plays A Chilcot Inquiry

by | 23rd, January 2011

TONY Blair is talking about Iraq again. He’s trying to explaining why he took the country to war. Grease paint. Lights. Action…

Time perhaps for a little blunt and direct talking.

Can Anorak nominate Westminster’s greatest Thespian for a Golden Globe, Bafta and an Oscar?

In an ideal world he could collect them all just before the War Crimes Tribunal he should be facing.

During his recall to the Sir John Chilcot Iraq War inquiry he said he “of course” regrets the loss of life. The loss of British and Allied troops, friendly Iraqis and even the the non-friendly ones.

He was booed for that by the grieving parents of slain servicemen. Relatives who are demanding answers to still unasked questions.

He skipped over Attorney General Goldsmith’s reluctance to confirm a military action was legal and the turnaround two-weeks later after a meeting in the US.

In what was an incredible side-tracking manoeuvre, he also turned an arched eyebrow and steely glinting eye to the irritating thorn in his power broker’s arse – Iran- and said the West should stoppissing about and sort it out. In the interests of posterity and clarity he did not say that will be from a “surgical/tactical low-yield nuclear strike” probably launched from the British-held Island of Diego Garcia in the lower Indian Ocean. The weapons are there and ready and who told you so?

Trouble from paradise?

It is Sunday, it’s January 23, 2011 so let’s have an-out-and-out full-on crow…just which august organhelped the Sunday Herald blow that thrice denied grand plan open to public gaze almost a year ago?

A little like the much more reported and discussed case of the missing McCann child this tale runs deep and the story still has legs and many dark paths to stride.

One essential difference is this Blair chiller will end with more deaths in an accidental mushroom cloud which will poison the world’s politics and stability for a very long time… It will be interesting to hear the Lib Dems end of the UK coalition government’s view on that one when it air bursts.

And, just in case we forget, the preamble to the first Blair Chilcot performance was best summed up on Sunday, January 25, 2010 (exactly a year ago) here: What could possibly go wrong?

A lot has and a lot will go wrong. Tone has spoken and it is true the Iranians will be the next to feel Blair’s eel-like eyes give a cold and oily flickering glance their way …just as the buttons are pushed.

But before the respective toads involved in this murky tale slither into their hibernation mud holes, I would just like to mention the two people who are, to my mind, the unsung heroes in this business. It is also worth remembering a nation’s wish to simply change the leadership of other country by force is illegal under United Nations conventions.

Former Cabinet Minister and Commons Leader Robin Cook who resigned over this sad sack of multi-national intrigues:

Robin, above, died (after resigning) while walking on a Scottish mountain-side with his second wife (and former political aide) Gaynor also pictured.

His resignation speech is here and worth a read for what it does not say

to my mind the most atrocious consequence and the most damning indication of the true nature of Blair and his cronies…

Dr David Kelly, the British UN weapons inspector who said there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraqi hands. He was known to be an honest and thoroughly decent man

Dr David Kelly died alone just off a pathway near a woodland close to his home.
There was a disputed and suspicious wrist wound.
There were no speeches, published notes or reasons.
He was said to have killed himself.

No jury has been out on that one but 12 good and true UK citizens should be allowed to hear ALL the evidence and give an honourable verdict.

Honourable is not a word I would choose to use of Tony Blair in the same sentence as Dr Kelly….but then my jury was out and returned on lawyer Tone years ago, he is the non-humble version of Dickens’ Uriah Heep. – Even friends, former Parliamentary Labour Party Whips, national and international political allies are now more than a little uncomfortable around the steel-hard presence of the Fallen Saviour With The Huge Ego.

(Apologies to the Allo, Allo! Van Klomp’s The Fallen Madonna With the Big Boobies, fictional) – AGW


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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair leaves his London home to make his second appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry today.

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