Anorak News | Kerry Katona, Kevin Greene And Dancing On Splice: The Spurned Wife Talks

Kerry Katona, Kevin Greene And Dancing On Splice: The Spurned Wife Talks

by | 23rd, January 2011

KERRY Katona, current blade wielder on the televised celebrity cull Dancing On Ice – having shilled for Iceland Kezza is now living in the freezer – is having a “red-hot romance with the hunky Royal Marine” Kevin Greene.

Or as the Star puts it:

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Kerry revealed how hunky Dan [Whiston]… and her son Max, two, were the only men in her life.

The NoTW goes on to talk about Katona being a victim of her bi-polar medication and estranged husband Mark Croft.

The NoTW states:

He skated back into her affections after his marriage failed, and they have been together for several weeks.

Got that? His marriage failed. Then he got with Kerry. A source pops up to confirm:

“She fell for him in a big way – she walked out of her marriage after meeting him. She is delighted to have finally got her man but she is desperate to keep it secret.”

Katona met Kevin on a GI Jane fitness camp in Kent.

She was then living with her layabout husband Mark Croft, 39, in Warrington – and Kevin was with his wife Sarah, 25, and their three kids in Portsmouth. But Kerry admitted she kissed Kevin. And Sarah discovered damning texts on her husband’s phone from the star – and demanded she leave him alone.

In case you have doubts that Kerry is a victim and the course of this relationship, an insider says:

“It was for reasons not to do with Kerry. He and Sarah are divorcing too.”

But over in the Sunday Mail, readers get to meet “heartbroken” Sarah Greene, aka The Wife:

“Before my husband met Kerry Katona we were happy and we were a family. Now my children are going to grow up without their father living with us and I am facing the prospect of divorce at the age of 25. I begged Kerry to leave my family alone. I am only getting divorced because of Kerry Katona and I want people know that.”

And she is not the only one to be suffering:

“My oldest daughter said to me last weekend, ‘Dancing On Ice is on Mum, but we can’t watch it can we, because Kerry is on it?’ How do you explain that to a nine-year-old?”

As Kerry tell the Star:

“I really want to be a positive role model from now on and all I care about is making my kids proud.”

Might be best for Mrs Greene’s kidzzzz to tune in and watch for injuries. Or rent a DVD.

Old Mr Anorak nods sagely and calls the legal department. Not for him the conversation on how PR can spin a story to the press; he’s not felt the same about Lady Anorak IV since she served him an Iceland Boozie Brownie last summer. A summer divorce looks likely.


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