Anorak | Sleeping Pets Give You Bubonic Plague (In Flea-Bitten 1974)

Sleeping Pets Give You Bubonic Plague (In Flea-Bitten 1974)

by | 25th, January 2011

SCARE Story of the Day is the Mail’s news that sleeping with dogs will kill you in painful ways.

Pet owners may increase the chances of contracting everything from worms to the bubonic plague.

The source of this scare is Bruno Chomel, a professor of zoonoses at the University of California school of veterinary medicine. He says:

“In many countries, pets have become substitutes for childbearing and child care, sometimes leading to excessive pet care. There are private places in the household, and pets should not go beyond next to the bed. Having a stuffed animal in your bed is fine, not a real one.”

To save you from being sick you should kill your pet and stuff it.

The boy who caught the plague – one boy – caught it from fleas on his cat. In 1974.

You cannot argue with the science…

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