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Tommy Sheridan: Victim Of Arrogance And Left Wing Conservatives

by | 26th, January 2011

TOMMY Sheridan goes down for three years after being convicted of perjury. He took on the NoTW with a claim of being libeled. He lied to back up his claim that he was not an adulterer who had visited a swinging club. Why did he do it?

Because he was recognised by his peer group and political allies. He had to tell them it was him. He was so arrogant he thought he would get away with it. His political comrades told him it would be better to own up and pass it off. It probably would have been the correct route.

However, Sheridan recognised that many of the ultra left are also conservative (with a small c) in their personal lives. (Often they are fundamentalist protestants or catholics and take a morally squeaky clean approach (whether they are or not, they like to present themselves that way).)

Sheridan told his Party he was going to take the Jeffery Archer route and deny everything. Many told him that was the route to disaster and that is what it has become.

He problem is that as man who has been consistently far left and been jailed in the past for popularity causes, such as the revolt against Thatcher’s Poll Tax, he had developed that institutional arrogance which you see in many politicos. The Governor of New York was another example. If you do that and are seen to be doing that you will not last very long. His goose is cooked as my old mate Gander would have said…with some glee.

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