Anorak News | Elton John’s Gay Family Photos Censored By Anti-Gay Christians In Arkansas

Elton John’s Gay Family Photos Censored By Anti-Gay Christians In Arkansas

by | 27th, January 2011

ELTON John and David Furnish’s baby Zachary is not acceptable viewing for the people of a Harps supermarket in Mountain View, Arkansas. The US magazine in which they showcase their child to the planet has been encased in a protective sheath, known locally as a “family shield“.

So, who are the leaders of Harps?

Kim Eskew, President & COO:

Kim and his wife Karen live in Springdale and are members of First Baptist Church of Springdale.

The church is part of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The church believes that:

Homosexual is a chosen behavior not a discovered sexual orientation.

A child is set up as a result of poor parenting to make them more likely to choose to become homosexual.

Homosexuals can convert to heterosexuality through prayer, becoming saved.

We learn:

Bill Merrell, vice president for convention relations with the SBC Executive Committee, reminds [us] that… Apostle Paul spoke of changed homosexuals who were part of the church in Corinth, “who through the saving gospel of Jesus Christ had been forgiven and made whole.”

Others in the group wear the religion on their sleeves:

Roger Collins, CEO and Chairman:

He serves on both the boards and executive committees of the National Cooperative Bank, the National Grocers Association, Associated Wholesale Grocers, as well as the Elder Board for Fellowship Bible Church.

Jim Antz, Vice-President of Finance & Administration, CFO:

He attends Fellowship Bible Church in Lowell.

The Fellowship Bible Church also holds the view that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and gayness can be caught and cured.

Update: The company has issued this statement, and removed the sheath:

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