Anorak | British Soldier Calls Lover To Propose: Dials Wrong Number (Audio)

British Soldier Calls Lover To Propose: Dials Wrong Number (Audio)

by | 27th, January 2011

ARE you the soldier who called his pregnant lover  “Samantha” but actually left a message on the phone of Diane Potts, an alternative therapist from Tyneside?

Says the hero:

“Couldn’t call last month but you know what it is like out there. I will be back in a few months. Really, really sad one of the guys has been blown up. Speak to you next month. Love you so much, with all my heart, and I was going to ask you, will you marry me?”

LiveLeak link.

Says Potts:

“I was really quite emotional listening to it. It’s unclear from the message where he is, but when he makes a reference to a friend blown up I suppose it’s likely that he’s in Afghanistan. He’s probably quite oblivious that he left his message on a stranger’s phone.”

A British Army spokeswoman says:

“It’s a very personal message and he’s probably a little embarrassed about what he’s done, and about the publicity surrounding it.”

Maybe. But if cook up that kind of cover story to avoid the unmanly shame of calling a therapist, you have our sympathies…

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