Anorak | Chantelle Tagoe’s Louboutin Museum Is A Sign Of The Armageddon

Chantelle Tagoe’s Louboutin Museum Is A Sign Of The Armageddon

by | 27th, January 2011

CHANTELLE Tagoe dates Emile Heskey, Midlands football’s transferrable battering ram. Their home boasts an air hockey table, six bedrooms and a “football area”.

But Tagoe particularly likes her walk-in wardrobe and dressing room “with brown snakeskin-effect walls and cubby holes so that Chantelle can showcase her extensive collection of handbags and shoes.”

Showcase to OK! magazine and the coachloads of tourists who pass through her dressing of a given afternoon.

Says Chantelle of her collection:

“Louboutins are like pieces of art on your feet!”

You can get the same effect by wearing Anorak’s Tate Modern entry Vomit In Sock, or doodling a picture of a dead shark on your Converse, or wearing two dead sharks – one on each foot; or two on one foot to be really edgy. (If you can’t find sharks use battered cod.)

Chantelle has over 100 pairs of shoes in her museum. She is less a flash WAG than a patron of the arts, her cupboard a Sainbury’s wing that only lacks a café and gift shop to provide for the viewers. (Emile, call the archtitects.)

Anyhow, what about marriage to the footballer?

“We did have 2012 in the diary but the theory that the world is going to end has put me off! I’m really sad, I believe all that stuff and sit at home online looking up things that might happen and the best places to be if it does.”

Might be best to stay on whatever planet it is you live on, Chantelle, and watch Armageddon on the plasma screen. Or else head for somewhere really out of this world, like, say, inside a huge Louboutin hung in a tank of formaldehyde?


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