Anorak | Cheryl Cole’s Tattoos: Nation’s Sweetheart Becomes Mrs Colewort (Photos)

Cheryl Cole’s Tattoos: Nation’s Sweetheart Becomes Mrs Colewort (Photos)

by | 28th, January 2011

CHERYL Cole wants to show you her new tramp stamp tattoo, a new version of her old tramp stamp tattoo. News is that the new version will link up with a tattoo that wraps about Cole’s thigh. It might then be linked to that “Mrs Cole” tattoo that sits on the back of Cheryl’s neck, the one that provided reassurance to former husband Ashley Cole in yoga class and other doggy pursuits.

It’s a huge media debate.

The Sun hears from Dr Sean Lanigan, who sees a scare story. You should not copy Cheryl Cole:

BRITAIN is facing a tattoo timebomb as more women than ever decide to copy stars like Cheryl Cole by “getting inked”…

So think carefully or you could add weight to the old saying: “Tattoo in haste, repent at leisure”.

That old saying sounds a lot like a new saying.

In OK! magazine, the advice is to copy Cheryl Cole:

National Television Awards 2011: Cheryl Cole sparks a sideboob cleavage trend, we’ve found a way to copy it

Go on:

But as the evening continued, we couldn’t help but notice more and more of Cheryl’s “sideboob cleavage” making itself known. And, frankly, we liked it. So we’ve decided that sideboob cleavage is the new cleavage.

In Now magazine, Beverley Watts says:

“The bondage-style dress, teamed with red heels, looked hot but her new tattoo is horrible.”

There’s an iris – or maybe it’s a giant freesia on the left – and scrappy-looking fronds on the right, with half a lemon and a squashed doughnut in the middle.

Clemmie Moodie tells Mirror readers:

IF you needed proof that northerners really are harder than southerners, Cheryl Cole is it.

Oh, come on Clemmie, let the woman move on. Sure, she smacked a toilet attendant in the face, but has she done so again. No. As Jonathan Ross puts it:

“What’s going on with Cheryl Cole’s complex relationship with the black community? It’s like she’s playing the world’s longest
game of slap, marry, deport.”

It turns out Cole’s hardness is to do with that tattoo:

The Geordie endured an ELEVEN-HOUR sitting for her latest tattoo, five more than David Beckham managed for his biggest inking. And Chezza, 27, did not cry once, and broke off only to get a sandwich.

One sandwich in 11 hours? And a doughnut and lemon (see above)?

And how do we know she never cried? Well, a well-placed source tells us that Cheryl told them:

“It has a strong symbolic meaning and signifies a fresh start and my new independence. The sitting itself was pretty painful but I was determined to get it done in one hit. I didn’t cry once!”

In the Star, the tattoo is said to have covered up one dedicated to Ashley Cole. But not the “Mrs Cole” tattoo at the back of her neck. In the paper, we hear more from the insider:

“Cheryl is like a child in a candy store and is determined to get even more tattoos done to mark her new life in Hollywood. Her big passion is for ‘natural’ looking tattoos, involving things like vines or ribbon-like leaves.”

Look out for the vines wending their way up to the neck tattoo, and alerting fans to “Mrs Colewort”, patron saint of the compact cabbage. The cool kids wont be able to get enough of the stuff…


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