Anorak | Joe Biden’s Gaffe Proves The BBC Is Biased Against Sarah Palin

Joe Biden’s Gaffe Proves The BBC Is Biased Against Sarah Palin

by | 28th, January 2011

JOE Biden is said by the LA Times to be key to Barack Obama’s success – “The success of Obama’s presidency hinges more and more on the negotiating skills and political instincts.”

Best of luck, Barry. Here’s Jo Biden:

That gaffe does not feature on the BBC, which called Obama the “post-partisan” and makes jokes that George Bush is thick and should be murdered.

Satire needs to move with the times or else you end up making old jokes and looking biased and tired.

Channel 4’s new comedy news show 10 O’Clock Live makes the usual jokes about Sarah Palin’s apparent stupidity (Palin took it upon herself to highlight Obama’s many gaffes), but, like the traditional news it lampoons, the show makes no mention of Joe Biden; and if you can find as many reference to Obama’s gun as Palin’s crosshairs in the left leaning British media, tell us.

That said, one piece of news that was reported on the BBC was:

The US vice president’s communications director Jay Carney has been named as the next White House press secretary, to replace Robert Gibbs.

As DB notes on Biased BBC:

Jay Carney is married to ABC correspondent Claire Shipman, co-author of a blog and book with BBC US correspondent Katty Kay. How many negative stories have you seen or heard about Joe Biden on the BBC while Carney has been his director of communications for the past two years?


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