Anorak | Scientists Discover Sexy Newsreaders Are Best For War Reporting

Scientists Discover Sexy Newsreaders Are Best For War Reporting

by | 28th, January 2011

DOES a ridiculously fit newsreader distract you from taking in the full horror of the TV news? Researchers at Indiana Universoty have investigated if being sexually aroused by the news anchor negates the story.

You can read about their work in Sexual Cues Emanating From the Anchorette Chair: Implications for Perceived Professionalism, Fitness for Beat, and Memory for News”.

Yep. “Fitness to Beat.” Fnar.

In Maria Elizabeth Grabe and Lelia Samson’s study, we will discover:

The experimental study reported here employed one of the most compelling visual cues of female sexual attractiveness (low waist-to-hip ratio) to test the influence of news anchor sexualization on audience evaluations of her as a professional and their memory for the news that she presents.

Aka: big breasts.

In the study the newsreader read the news once in bland attire and once again in a tighter top and more make-up, possibly while licking her lips and stressing the O in Obama.

This cutting-edge scientific research might well hold true for weather girls. It’s a scientific fact hat global warming only became a big media issue when the Daily Mirror stopped broadcasting The Weather In Norwegian – the Live TV show presented by a blonde model (Eva Bjertnes or Anne-Marie Foss) wearing a bikini – and we noticed that we were all going to drown, or burn to death.

Back to the report:

Male participants saw the sexualized version of the anchor as less suited for war and political reporting.

More sex equal less war. Someone should tell the Taliban.

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