Anorak | Coronation Street: Samia Smith And Will Thorp Star In Tabloid Masterclass

Coronation Street: Samia Smith And Will Thorp Star In Tabloid Masterclass

by | 30th, January 2011

CORONATION STREET stars Samia Smith and Will Thorp are reported to be in a romance. It’s front-page news in the NoTW, which has been sitting on the story for a month. The story began with the Sun saying Thorpe was “comforting” Smith. They had formed a “solid relationship”.

Now we learn:

“She is smitten with him and he is obsessed with her. They believe they will be together forever.”

Is that right? Do two actors who have been married and parented children think they will together forever? Did they say that? No. Because none of the players will talk to the tabloid, all we have is an unnamed “source”.

Our Corrie source said: “They left their partners and within weeks admitted they were a couple. But both are adamant that nothing went on between them until after they had left their families. There are three young children involved in all of this and it is so sad.”

So sad is it that the only way to deal with such sadness is for an anonymous source to talk to the News of The Screws. Our emotive source goes on to deliver a brilliant passage tight with cod feeling, a judgemental appraisal – if it doesn’t work out then they are destroyers of lives – and encourages readers to stay tuned for more:

“They seem to be in their own little bubble and can’t see the devastation this will cause. But they are so sure that this is right. They are in love and feel they will be together forever. If it lasts then fair play to them. But they have only known each other for a short while. Now they are spending all their spare time together.”

Any students of journalism looking to learn the skills needed to be a tabloid writer should print that passage and learn it by heart.

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