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Egypt Is No Hell For British Tourists: Just Ask the Israelis

by | 31st, January 2011

EGYPT: As the British tourists arrive back in the UK, the Sun screams from its front page: “30,000 Brits in riot hell”.

(If anyone can find a traveller who left Tunisia for the calm of and Egypt, get in touch.)

But is it hell for tourists in Egypt? No tourists have been attacked. And if you want a barometer as to how dangerous it is for holidaymakers, look to how Egyptians are treating Israelis – not as hated as Algerian footballers, agreed, but still representatives of a traditional foe:

“We are in Cairo and have no plans to return to Israel sooner,” Israeli tour guide and Arabic teacher Amos Abidov said Sunday while leading an Israeli tour group visiting Egypt…

Why not?

The attitude towards us as Israelis and tourist is very friendly. Actually, they’re overly nice compared to my previous visits in Egypt. The Egyptians want to explain themselves, to tell everyone about their struggle. They speak Arabic over here so it’s easy to communicate with them. On Friday we went right past the demonstrations on our way back from the pyramids, and people helped us get though the crowd.”

Reports are of 102 people now dead in the riots. But just as in Tunisia, where no Britons were hurt – the Mail told us “1,500 Britons facing machete mob” – Egypt is not at war with the West…


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EDITORS PLEASE NOTE CONTENT. A man lies injured as anti-government protesters clash violently with supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square in Cairo today as Egypt's political upheaval took a dangerous new turn.

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