Anorak | Volunteers Translate Egyptian Calls Into Tweets

Volunteers Translate Egyptian Calls Into Tweets

by | 1st, February 2011

EGYPT: technology and humanity may yet save the country:

“Earlier today, in response to the continued blackout of the Internet in Egypt, Google and Twitter announced that they had set up phone numbers in Egypt for protesters to call into, that would then automatically be turned into voicemail messages, that would then be tweeted out on the account @Speak2Tweet. Of course, the immediate point of this system is not to help organize within Egypt, but hopefully to offer a way for Egyptians to literally speak to the rest of the world.

To further this aim, a number of volunteers outside of Egypt (you know, where the Internet still works) have decided to collaborate online to get those voicemails – which are mainly in Arabic – translated into English.”

It’s amazing when people help each other like this.

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