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The Truth About Fat British Women

by | 4th, February 2011

DID you know that UK women are more likely than men to weigh over 30st?

It’s says so in a study that the Sun highlights on its front page.

Of course, what with there only being two sexes, unless by some mad fluke there are the same number of 30-stone-plus men as there are women, one gender will always be ahead in the race to bulk up and stick two gingers up to that austerity-led belt tightening.

And, then, there are more women than men living in the UK, so the chances of their being more 30-stone women than 30-stone men is increased.

The Sun’s Emma Morton did not rise to the rank of the health editor by sticking to hyperbole in the face of facts:

The shock statistic emerged as our women were revealed to be the fattest in any major nation across western Europe.

The statistic is not a shock. The statistic is what we might expect.

Morton tells us:

Only tiny Malta (27) has a higher level in western Europe – while Turkish women (28.2) are the fattest in the entire continent.

So. British women are the fattest in one part of Europe. But they are not as fat as in Turkey. But why are British women so fat?

The average British female has ballooned since 1980. Experts have blamed ready meals, takeaways and driving instead of walking.

Are ready meals big in Turkey? Also, the cars: there are 88 cars per 1000 people in Turkey; in the UK there are 463 cars per 1000 people.

And if the women are fatter, what of the men?

UK men have an average of 27.4 – ninth heaviest in Europe and up from 24.7 in 1980.

Or as the Mail puts it, whish has access tot eh same report:

Meanwhile, men in the UK have the joint fourth highest fat levels, behind Ireland in top place, Spain and Andorra.

The Telegraph sees the same data and says:

British men fared little better, with their BMI rising from 24.7 to 26.6, taking them from 17th to 5th place.

Such are the facts…

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