Anorak | Climate Kids Are The New Hitler Youth

Climate Kids Are The New Hitler Youth

by | 4th, February 2011

THE Climate Kinder are coming. The Green Shirts are taking direct action against they who dare to disagree. And they are not coming alone. They’ve got kids.

Our initiative, Confront the Climate Cranks, will do just that: confront the cranks on camera and accompanied by some of the children they have put in danger.

Whereas the Green Shirts just want only some of them dead.

We will video all of our confrontations and then quickly make them available to the public—by posting them on YouTube and sharing them with mainstream and alternative media and the social networks of our partner organizations. (In the run-up to these confrontations, we will invite the participation of the members or readers of The Nation, Grist, Kids vs Global Warming and the other partnering organizations, polling them on which cranks to target, what questions to ask and so on. Thus we hope to build momentum before arriving in Washington, as well as generate continuing attention and activism after the confrontations.)

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