Anorak | EDL March Anti-Islam March In Luton: In Photos

EDL March Anti-Islam March In Luton: In Photos

by | 5th, February 2011

TO Luton, where members of the English Defence League are protesting against Islam in St George’s Square. In the media the talk is for violence. Or is it hope – violence sells newspapers? There are around between 2,500 and 7,000  members of the EDL on the streets. There are around 1,000 members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) there to oppose them:

“Fears Of Violence At Extreme Right Protest” – Sky
“The EDL marches in Luton today. Hold your breath” – Guardian

Sikhs are there to protest:

“Sikhs Against the EDL brought a delegation to the demonstration. Varinder Singh told Socialist Worker, “Today we are here in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Guramit Singh [a Sikh in the EDL] does not represent Sikhs. He is collaborating with racists and fascist. This is the first time we have come on the demonstration as a group.”

David Cameron has said:

“The EDL are terrible people… if we needed to ban them, we would ban them”.

At the station:

Confrontations flared as early as 10am, however, as supporters of the English Defence League arrived at the train station in Luton and were confronted by dozens of protesters from Unite Against Fascism who attempted to block their exit. Both sides hurled insults as tensions rose and the English Defence League supporters had to be escorted through a back exit by police.

The EDL?

The English Defence League is a rare phenomenon: an entity despised by liberal Guardianistas and Daily Mail columnists alike. In 18 months it has exploded from several hundred protesters – who had gathered in Luton to stop the Muslim extremist group Al Muhajiroun from haranguing troops returning home from Afghanistan – into a growing, disparate collection of seemingly incompatible groups that is now one of the highest-profile movements in the UK.

The Police?

One really has to question the tactics of the local police. While EDL thugs fight with police Stephen Lennon is helped out of the march and escorted – by police and his own security – to the square where the rally will be held.

Are they affording the same protection to local citizens terrified by the EDL demo?


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Unite Against Fascism protesters in Luton Town Centre, Bedfordshire during the EDL demonstration.

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