Anorak | EDL In Luton: Cameron’s ‘Race War’ And The Muslim Fascist

EDL In Luton: Cameron’s ‘Race War’ And The Muslim Fascist

by | 5th, February 2011

THE EDL massed in Luton and there was very little violence. The mainstream media was excited at the prospect of mayhem:

Fears Of Violence At Extreme Right Protest,” yelled the Sky News headline.

The EDL marches in Luton today. Hold your breath,” ordered the Guardian

But there were no significant incidents“. this may in part have something to do with the police moving “to seal the EDL in to St George’s Square” with metal barriers.

Indeed, the most significant thing the BBC can find to report is on Glaswegian Abdul Salaam-  “a Muslim willing to stand in the middle of a crowd chanting ‘Muslim Bombers off our Streets‘.”

“The EDL are supporting England, supporting Britain, and I’m British, so why can’t I support my country? Have you seen me getting any racist abuse? They applauded me. Why are other Muslims not here? This demonstration is nothing to do with colour or religion. These are people who have watched their country being bombed and they are angry. These are patriotic Englishmen, red-blooded Englishmen.”

Is he the Muslim fascist? Or are they? Or is Mr Salaam just his won man? Do British politics and culture transcend race and religion and allow the individual to form and express their own views without fear of offending or stirring any so-called community, to which, as the mainstream media tells us, every ethnic minority must belong?

But undaunted by fact, the Daily Star manages to lead with:


It’s a bellicose attempt to take David Cameron’s words on multi-culturalism (all the views here) and seem them as a catalyst for violence.

But they were not. And there wasn’t. But why let the truth get in the way of a story..?


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Unite Against Fascism protesters in Luton Town Centre, Bedfordshire during the EDL demonstration.

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